Monday, December 24, 2012


FORTY-THREE FOR CHICKEN-CORN pie!  It's a growing number!  It's hard to tell how long The Yard Man's extended family members will be able to squeeze themselves into one house for the traditional Christmas meal.

But so far, so good.  So far, in fact, superb!!  Last night's chicken-corn pies were so delectable and delicious, I felt they were the best ever.  "It's because I used lard!" exclaimed The Yard Man's sister Beth, maker of all ten pies.  (Yes, Reader Dear, TEN PIES! That sis-in-law of mine is such a pro!) 
As if making those pies was not in itself a monumental
job, she had also cooked home-grown green beans with garlic.
And she had at least a gallon of lovely golden chicken broth
sitting on the stove ready to be made into gravy.*
Not to mention, of course, those forty-three place
settings in the basement! 

Forty-two relatives and I ate up that meal with gusto!  (The final course was pears, and these were not your mother's pears, Reader Dear!  These were Etta's Christmas Pears Extraordinaire! [That's what I've named them, in honor of  the sis-in-law who made this dessert that was fit for the gods!])

*This Merry Christmas-
Chicken-corn-pie-eating family fiesta to be continued.
We've got music and dancing, and I've got one more savory little 
detail to add to the meal.


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