Wednesday, December 5, 2012


TA-DA!  THE UNVEILING of the pottery! While I knew that whatever went into that kiln must come out, I wasn't sure when it was scheduled to happen.  Janie called me at noon.  Turns out it was today!  The roof was to be raised at one p.m.   
Reader Dear, once again my To-Do's went flying out the window!  Undoubtedly, I assured myself, opening the kiln would be more fun than loading (no wadding!), and today was not nearly so cold as Saturday.  I picked up Janie and we hurried off, got to the site in time to see Phil crank up the roof and  unveil the treasures within!
We formed a brigade and eagerly set about emptying the kiln.
 Unfortunately, there were a number of Siamese twins, even a set of triplets attached to one another.
I suppose, Dear Reader, it's a hazard of the trade (Though no one spoke of it, and eyes were averted when we came across these ruinous misfortunes).

There were some other casualties, as well, related to the temperature of the fire; but, being the novice that I am, that was all a mystery to me.         
Phil threw himself into the job of divesting the kiln of its treasures, and in less than an hour we had all the pottery creations out of the kiln and were working on scraping clean the shelves.

(Yes, Dear Reader, I discovered there was some down and dirty work involved, even in this emptying process. Ah, I should have known it wouldn't be as simple as oohing and ahhing and putting the pieces on display!)  It didn't take very long.

And then it was just a matter of packaging up our newly-fired creations and carrying them home.*

*Arrgh, likely the easiest and most basic part of the job, and I blush to tell you, Reader Dear, here's where I failed.**

**More than half-way home I wailed to myself, "What about my pot with the handles made out of balls of clay?!!  I'm sure that piece made it into the kiln!  I'm sure I saw it come out!" ***

***What was most certain--
I'd forgotten it! Left one of my creations behind!****

****Dear Viewer, you'll see this piece once I see it again myself
OR:  To be continued...



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