Saturday, March 31, 2012


TRICKLING,'s news from a week ago, Dear Reader. Exactly a week ago. There we were, my yard man and I, in Richmond, Virginia, with the Small Actor and his whole entourage. And the sun had come out if you will recall (well, it had come out even if you no longer have any memory of the tale, it's true).

So we went to that part of the city called the Fan. And then we went to the park. And the park--now that is SOME park. And the pig we saw there. That is SOME pig!!
video video
At this park there were only a few penned animals, but in terms of gracefulness and beauty (which is, of course, in the eye of the beholder [it was in my eye]) I'd say they covered a broad spectrum.
video video


There's a lot to be said, Dear Reader, for the gracefulness and beauty of the plant world as it existed (and likely still does) in this park, as well.

Far and away, however, above these stunning natural phenomenon (to my way of thinking, Reader Dear) will always be..........

the beauty (though not always the gracefulness) of the human family as it existed in this park!
(As well as its existence in its broad spectrum
around the globe!)



LTF said...

Sweet and dear!!

gyjb50 said...

Would this be Maymont Park?

KTdid said...

gyjb50, yes, Maymont it is! It's such a lovely park!

gyjb said...

I have some very fond memories of our young family meeting up with Grandmommy and Grandaddy Brunk in Maymont Park for picnics, and then spending time feeding the animals. It's beautiful there.