Friday, March 2, 2012



FOR THE FIRST TIME ever, my Little Actor has come to pay The Yard Man and me an extended visit, here for the weekend. He is such an unusual celebrity, Reader Dear! Rather than waiting to be waited on, as the typical superstar is wont to do, this little guy immediately wished to make himself useful!

Just as soon as he'd finished mopping my kitchen floor,
he suggested we go to the supermarket!

While there, he was quite intent on handling
every aspect of the grocery-gathering chore.

(And when it came time to pay, he said, "I'm covering this! Just take it out of my acting fees.")

Well, then, no sooner home from the grocery store, he commenced to rolling out pastry dough!

Now in case you suppose, Reader Dear, that we'd let
a luminary of his stature do nothing but work...
we did spend plenty of time at the grocery store playground.

(This grocery store has a well-equipped area
for playing, Reader Dear. And this Little
Actor may have had an ulterior motive
for generously offering to get our
groceries and directing us to
this particular store! But
whatever the case, The Yard Man and I are gaga over the guy
anyway, and stumble over each other
to pamper him!


Shirley said...

Somebody fastidious like that, solicitous of every last little mop strand, could be put to work in your cellar.

KTdid said...

Ah, yes. He wanted to go to the cellar to check out the plumbing pipes, anyway! (Precocious! He's so precocious! Only a grandmother, er...producer/director, could be so aware of this!)