Friday, March 23, 2012


FRIDAY--Headed to the FAN! Headed south to see my Small Actor and others that I love! (Includes the daughter I seldom see.Yipee!)
(I recorded the thought here quickly, just before The Yard Man yelled, "Let's go." He chauffeured me out the driveway and down the road toward Richmond, Virginia). Ah...but then.

The day was so hot in the waning sun. The traffic was so heavy. The afternoon was so late in the rush hour traffic. "Let's turn around," I begged. "We can leave really early in the morning."
We were thirty miles from home and waiting through three cycles of one traffic light. I could see The Yard Man was mulling my suggestion.

"Well," he said. "If we go back home, I could cut the grass." (Dear Reader, that's how he talks about mowing, yard man that he is [You'd think he was taking a pair of scissors to those blades!] Well, anyway, I was happy to hear about any kind of shearing of the grass. It was sorely needed.)

That Yard Man turned the car around. And then he veered off in a slightly different direction instead of heading directly home. Turns out he wanted to stop at a nearby farmers' market.

He bought a shoo-fly pie.

When we went to bed, that shaggy lawn shorn, I set the alarm for four in the eensy-teensy morn.

(Aargh. Turns out I'm not such a big FAN of early rising.)

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