Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I GOT THE SCOOP TODAY--some late-breaking local news--ahead of the crowd!
Didn't I tell you only yesterday, Dear Reader, I never know what I'll find (or find out)
at my four-loop park?!

It was high noon when I procured my walking shoes from the trunk of the car and set out on Loop One. (Yes, of course I put the shoes on! I just assumed, Reader Dear, that would go without saying!) Now my first decision is always which way around--clockwise or counter to it? I glanced at the counter route and saw a man setting out with his dog, so I headed clockwise.

And then!

I can't tell you how tickled I was, Reader Dear, when I realized that man with the could-have-been canine was not walking a dog but a measuring device! I was downright ecstatic! All these years I've been pondering the length of the loop!

As we met, I could see that Rick (he was labeled) was a township official. Measuring the loop was his official job! "Ohh," I enthused, "I've been waiting ever so long for someone like you to come along!"

"Well," he said, "I'm going to measure the distance around, and then it will be posted." He showed me the penciled jottings in his little notebook. "I just finished measuring the park across the road." (Can you believe it, Dear Reader, another park so close by?! It's got a playground and a macadamized path and real-to-goodness restrooms, and various other furnishings, but...oh, it's not nearly as nice as my...uh...this park!)

But now Rick was showing me the figures, and I was ruing my inability to make note of them, or to get the final count when he had looped the loop at this park. "Tell you what I'll do," he said. "I'll write the numbers down for you and put it on your car when I leave."

Wow. Having that inside information
? I thought I might have to call a press conference and blow the story wide open!

From the far end of the park, as I progressed through Loop Two, I could see Rick walk over to my car. Then he climbed into his orange truck and drove away. I tried my level best not to go directly to my car before starting Loop Three; but Loop Three, Reader Dear, was the very first time that I knew there were 2,828 feet to go before starting Loop Four!

And now you've got the scoop, as well! Every time around the park is 2,828/5,280-th of a mile! Just think, Reader Dear, how long before the rest of society will be privy to the information! (Between you and me, I've decided to keep it to myself).



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