Sunday, March 18, 2012


YESTERDAY I WAS SEEING green like everyone else.
But my kind of green was of the Small Actor sort! This little celeb happened to be in town celebrating not only St. Patrick's Day, but his very first birthday!
His Irish-descended McGrandmother hosted a party for him and her other grandson (can you believe it? Also celebrating one year!) My yard man and I were invited to this gala where the two little green-shirt-wearing laddies were stars of the show!
Believe me, Dear Reader, I've got movies galore!

Besides the wearin' o' the green,
there was the openin' o' the presents,
the eatin' o' the spread o' food,

the blowin' o' the candles

singin' o' happy birthday
and eatin' o' cake!

All the way to the scrubbin' in the tub!

(Strictly limited, Dear Reader, to
those lucky little cake-eatin'
birthday boys!)

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