Monday, July 16, 2018

Live Summer Music

Yesterday afternoon, Listener Dear,  I enjoyed lots of live music.  First of all, I got to see another live performance by my Itty-Bitty Actor, part of his repertoire of Beatles' numbers.

This was followed by a  rendition of "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you..."
presented by a pop-up singing group that happened to be gathered around the picnic table on the lawn of the Yard Man and myself (alas, no recording, as I spontaneously joined the  singing group).

"Shall I tell you my birthday wish?" she asked.

Later on, my Small Actor was strumming his guitar in the entrance to Domino's Pizza (with an audience of myself and my Tiny Actor and whomsoever happened to come through the door exiting or entering the main part of the restaurant).  I wished to film the Small Actor's mini-concert, but was strictly denied filming rights (by the artist himself).  As it happened, a young man (complete stranger) who was leaving the restaurant, requested the use of the Small Actor's guitar to do a short number of his own. This I recorded.

Ultimately, there was the Sunday Evening Concert at the Park, the most official concert of the day (largest crowd, most songs in their repertoire, most well-known singers). The band was Birds of Chicago.

My theme song, Reader Dear:   "...This is not the day I die; but if it is, that's alright"

Ending with a note of hope, 
"...the flowers of America, they will bloom again..."


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