Saturday, July 21, 2018


Glorious rain!  I've contemplated the fact, Dear Reader, that a rainy Saturday is not usually tops on the wish list of most people.  You know, it's summertime!  Weekends are for outdoor weddings and picnics and barbeques and pool parties and ballgames and outdoor concerts and bike rides and hiking and, well, they're just for being in the great outdoors to avoid the hum of an air conditioner or four walls closing off the natural world!

There's the little factor, however, that we've got to have rain at some point. One gets tired of unreeling the hose to water all the wilting flowers, and the vegetable gardens start to suffer, and the grass gets crunchy.  One realizes that when it comes right down to it, one should be dancing in the rain!!*

*Saturday or not, and sans an umbrella!

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