Monday, July 9, 2018

Second Weekend

The tail end of the first weekend (the holiday which passed as a weekend), was finished off with a spectacular sunset!

I'm taking you back to the hill at Melvin and Esther's house, and the very pleasant evening with the hosts and their family and the group of international visitors.

The colors in the sky grew more brilliant as the sun sank.  Then, just as the sun was so far beyond the horizon that the light was nearly gone, the fireflies came out of the ground and set their little magical lights aglow.  Many of the Europeans in the group were thrilled to see them.  One woman explained to me that back home in Germany the lightening bugs had disappeared for years and years.
She was carried back to her childhood at the sight of them, and was filled with nostalgia.  Reader Dear, it was a tender moment.


But, the earth continued to move around the sun.  And I was carried along.  And here we are, Dear Reader, you and me,  at my post about the second weekend.
It consisted of a lot more (distant) fireworks, popping and booming and barely visible all around the horizon  (from my spot on this hill where I live).
All through the fifth of July and the sixth of July and the seventh of July and even the eighth of July there were after-dark fireworks.

(Viewer Dear, they were tiny and insignificant; if I were you, I wouldn't bother viewing these clips)

 As in the case of the first weekend, the best part of the second weekend was the final hurrah.  It was the regular Sunday evening summer concert at the park.  The weather was, once again,  perfect!  And the band was a good one, Lords of 52nd Street.

I sang, "Oh, sing us a song" while the band sang "Sing us a Song"
And they did.

It was a happy ending to the doubly-ended week, Listener Dear!

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