Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summer Olio

The summer days have been so splendidly smooth and easily-survived here in my area lately.  Approaching my covered bridge the other day, I came across this picturesque scene:  A painter working on a picturesque scene. 

And then, there was this:  with the World Cup so recently capped, it's time for the next generation of World-cuppers to start getting their soccer caps on (Reader Dear, forgive me; sometimes I can't help myself.  [But, agree with me,  won't you?] There should be an equivalent for the "baseball cap")  Here's my Little Actor stepping up to the ball.

While not particularly a summertime activity, the Yard Man and I attended a performance of The Hunchback of Notre Dame at a local theater.  Reader Dear, it was five star!  Of the complete story of the Hunchback, I had recalled only that (you know who) did this (you know what) in Quasimodo's arms. Even with that advance knowledge, these actors still kept me on the edge of my seat!

Prior to that action on the stage, this action on the highway grabbed my attention, as the Yard Man and I were headed speedily into the city to see the play:
(Royal ducks.  No Crosswalk sign needed.) 

I believe the government is serving refreshments along the road where I live. 

Dear Reader, I'm letting you know: Out of tiny roots, some mighty fine  weeds can grow!

Now, lest you waste any time in pondering how I could have (or would have) overlooked such a weed in the space of time that it would take to grow to such towering heights, let me present my large and colorful defense:

(The wily weed's babyhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and well into its middle-aged life were spent safely hidden within the mass of tall and abundant blooms)

Speaking of colorful, don't you agree, Reader Dear, it's one of the largest perks of summertime--the abundance of bright decorations growing everywhere at the drop of a seed?!


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