Tuesday, May 7, 2013


After a sunny drive across the fields and farmlands of Delaware and Maryland,  The Yard Man and I arrived in St. Michael's just in time for a dinner overlooking the bay (or an inlet off of it, at any rate).  Honestly, I could have consumed only crackers and water and likely felt just as delighted by this dining experience, so tickled was I by the action-packed view!

That same breeze that fluttered the flags and fueled the flights of the sailboats whipped up the surface of the water into charming wavelets. 
But then it was the sun that gave us a fascinating finale!  As we dined on our seafood delicacies (oh, many steps up from crackers), I commented on a line of light that extended across the water, directly toward the window beside which we were seated.  "Yeah, I noticed that light, too, as it's been moving across the water," said the Yard Man.  We studied the view, searching for the source.
   "Ah, ha!" exclaimed The Yard Man.  "I think it must be the sun reflected off of something over there above that white arched structure.  Look, as the sun falls further, the light comes nearer!"  It was moving so fast, Viewer Dear, that no sooner had we made this discovery, than the light disappeared from the water.  We pondered the phenomenon for several minutes before we thought to investigate the wall behind us.  Displayed right there on the wall was a shadow of the two of us! (Alas, I couldn't retrieve my camera fast enough!)

But there was more.  The top half of the wall behind us was mirrored.  As the sun sank rapidly (we couldn't see it, but trusted it was falling), the reflected light from the distant shining surface moved up the wall to the mirror.  For a brief moment, reflected sunlight was beamed our way from both directions! Judging by our exclamations of glee, Reader Dear, you'd have thought we'd just discovered a brand new secret of the universe (or at least the key to marital bliss)!

Then...just like that...it was over. 
The brilliant reflection disappeared.
It got dark.  Our waitress brought us the check.

(It's amazing, however, how the memory of this little show goes on shining...)


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