Monday, May 27, 2013


TODAY, IN ADDITION to the holiday, I celebrated the fine weather by serving lunch on the porch.  The Yard Man and I shared the dessert that was left over from yesterday evening's meal with our offspring, which happened to be pie.
As part of today's celebration, I heated up the pie, and I whipped up some cream to dollop atop.

Since pie was the main course, the only course, I consumed it in tiny bites.
And I mused to the yard man,
"This is the first time in my whole entire life I have ever eaten a lunch of strawberry rhubarb pie and whipped cream.  It might be true for you, too, although you grew up eating this kind of pie and I didn't."

"Hmm." He thought about it.  I'm sure it's true for me, too," he said.


And then I went on savoring the pie and whipped cream, and the freshly-brewed garden mint tea, and the holiday, and the sunshine, and the idea that we were forging ahead into tasty new territory!



sk said...

A perfect story.

KTdid said...

Why, thank you, sk!
I must say, I had to stop and consider carefully--had I ever eaten this precise meal at your house? You, with your pies-to-die-for, your creative genius regarding meal-serving. It was the ONLY possibility niggling at my mind as I made this statement about ever, ever before...