Saturday, May 4, 2013


CONTINUING ON: WE GOT TO THE OCEAN at sunset.  And the next morning it was Monday.  There was fog and rain, and there were garbage trucks. The weather was chilly.
Our walk along the oceanside, it should go without saying though I've just got to say it, was a foggy, rainy, chilly one.

We had to wear jackets.
It was solely due to the inclement weather that we hopped aboard a trolley and took a soggy tour of the town. We didn't need a tour; we know the town well.

After that trolley ride, we visited a bookstore.

And then, oh, God bless the rain, we got to spend a perfectly delightful afternoon in that cozy hotel room with the likes of Henrietta Lacks and Anna Quindlen and the margaritas and the Mozart playing softly.

Spoiler alert, Reader Dear:
Next comes Tuesday.
It rains again.

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