Friday, May 31, 2013


Well, I knew there was nearly a one-hundred-percent chance that at least one shower would occur today, early afternoon.  I was even privy to the exact time and place, due to the fact, Reader Dear, that I was planning to be at this affair.  As a friend of the MOG!  (Yes, yes, that's right--it was a bridal shower!  The Mother of the Groom-to-be had issued my invitation, and the setting was to be a "high tea".)

Oh, and right on schedule, there was a shower of tea and tiny sandwiches and tea cakes and many other edible delights!

And there was a shower of gifts!

 There was also a down-pouring of games and laughter and good wishes for the glowing bride-to-be!

Like showers often are, on a hot June afternoon, this one was so refreshing!*

 (*The one and only male attending this tea was very young. He seemed to enjoy it immensely, though he did do a little napping during the games.  But when I came home with my hand-made chocolates (shower of gifts didn't go just one way), a man and his son were here to see me.  As  I described the delightful tea, and the tiny scones, and the great fun that was had as we fashioned bridal gowns of toilet paper, the man wrinkled up his nose.  "Thank goodness men don't have to deal with such stuff," he said. [Ha. The poor things; may all their showers be very wet ones!])


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