Saturday, May 25, 2013


BEHIND EVERY LONG pause lies a major life question: Am I fizzling out with this blog?
And while I asked myself that question several times during the past week, my only clue to a negative response was a positive one--I kept taking pictures!

...Of a spring day hot enough to make one wish to shed one's clothes.
And a sole soul brave enough to do it (er, well...the only one I witnessed with this intrepidity)!

...Of a spring day wet enough to make one ponder how long it would take for one and all to drown if it were to never stop raining (Yes, I did say "all" but calm down, Reader Dear. I also said "if" )


...Of a little orange fang I picked up in the parking lot of the bank, squishy and loitering around my tire, where it had no business hanging out!

Unfortunately, I'd missed the bank's open door by six minutes, and the last employee to leave the building was driving away as I circled the lot.  When she saw me hop from my car to peer under it, she rolled down her window and hollered, "You drove over a traffic cone; it's there at your wheel!  Ha, ha, you're not the only one to do that!"

And then that bank employee continued on her way, giving me a check just once more as she left, her rate of interest very low!
"And they call that good bank-customer service?!" I harrumphed.  I tugged and twisted and wondered how I would manage if I couldn't make a withdrawal, and this orange feature were to be permanent.

But I needn't have worried.
(Hurrah for total strangers with a high rate of interest, and a very nice offer
to risk life, limb [or at least besmirchment] to make that withdrawal for me!)

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