Monday, May 6, 2013

OH, GOOD GRIEF. I didn't bet on accidentally deleting Tuesday and having to re-write it!   And to make matters worse, I've been dawdling.  I'm going to hustle us all along right now at a (hopefully) speedy clip, Reader-Viewer Dear!  Wednesday morning (on the slight chance you're still tagging along somewhere on this forty-year trip), after I opened the blinds and saw a blindingly-blue-sky-and-brilliantly-beautiful breezy day,* The Yard Man and I took a final ocean-side walk, ate some lunch, and hopped on a ferry, all set to get ourselves to the Chesapeake Bay.  

Here it is:  The Ferry Ride--Start to Finish.

(Because pictures are the easy way to get you on the ferry, Viewer Dear.)

And though the TV was a noisy intrusion, the wind got so rip-roaring breezy while the ferry was leaving the dock, that I filmed from the interior portion.

It settled down a bit, but there were points in the hour-and-a-half long cruise where anyone walking around the vessel appeared a bit besotted.  Speaking only from personal experience (I wandered all over the ferry), one could feel that way, as well--grasping handrails and seats and strangers just to keep from sprawling on deck.
(Get set, Viewer Dear, it's disembarking time)

It was a lovely little ocean voyage, but not the summit of our daily water-fest.
We exited the ferry and drove across two entire states in time for that highlight.


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