Tuesday, April 2, 2013


WHEN I WENT TO ANSWER the door yesterday, I didn't know there would be a surprise! The twin sisters* holding the container of cupcakes live nearby in a house that is adjacent to the Yard Man's barnful of horses.  After they'd explained the gift (and I'd run for my camera), and Karly had obligingly done this brief re-enactment, a short dialogue followed:
"The green ones were from Saint Patrick's Day," said Karly.
"You didn't have to say THAT!" exclaimed Karine.
"Well, they ARE!" responded Karly.
"And YOU are the only one who can eat the pink one!" she went on, looking directly at me.  "I think maybe it's strawberry or something like that."
"Well, you can eat the blue ones, too," Karine added.
"They're more like purple," said Karly.

*I have a soft spot in my heart, Dear Reader, for fraternal twins.
Cupcakes are pretty nice, too.



sk said...

Could they hear him guffawing?

KTdid said...

The man was on his cell phone...laughing at I know not what!