Thursday, April 18, 2013


LIFE JUST KEEPS PLOWING FULL STEAM AHEAD. And I'm behind the train--running as fast as I can.   One thing that has me huffing and puffing and panting is the orneriness of technology! With the suddenness of a lightening strike (or possibly the speed of tooth decay)  the glitches started piling up. First was the stubborn resistance of my used-to-be trusty laptop.  Lately it's been dragging its feet, twiddling its thumbs, sometimes plopping itself in a chair and refusing to cooperate entirely!  Then, too, within the past few days the cordless home phone has been filled with static.  Almost as routinely as I say Hello,  I utter such things as Oh, botheration! Let me call you back on my cell phone!   Lately it developed, when I start up the car it commences to making a wince-worthy noise.  Those little fits of screeching have made me long for a fan belt of my own!

Too, I think something sinister's been lurking within the walls of this house. Perhaps an evil spirit; I believe I hear it gnawing sometimes late at night.*

*(I suppose it could be a mouse.  Technically speaking, that would not be a technological problem;
though, technically speaking, there are technological mice.  Speaking in any old way you please, I'm happy that technological mice don't scamper around in my walls [ though I suppose it's possible (technically speaking)]!)

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