Sunday, April 7, 2013


TWO KINDS OF PLAY the Yard Man and Wanja and I took in today:
Musical playing in the afternoon--a lovely concert in the church sanctuary.
Wanja sat in the back and texted his German friends on the Yard Man's smart phone.
I closed my eyes, listened to the playing of the Austrian composer's silvery strains, and pretended I was in heaven.

And Soccer playing in the evening--the games held at the local polo field
(Though when I chose to walk to the games, I discovered the field was not quite so local as I'd chosen to consider [more than a mile (most of it uphill)] But, then, I got to take in an Amish volleyball game in full swing as I took my arm-swinging walk past our Amish neighbors' house)


I confess. The best part about the soccer-watching for me was the fellow spectators (two little actors, their father making a goal in the game just after my arrival!)


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