Sunday, February 28, 2016

Viewer Dear, today was

such a beautiful day!  So warm!  So sunny!  So imperative that I go to the park and take a walk.  As I drove the short distance to the park, I pondered how many others would be taking advantage of the marvelous weather.   When I arrived, I could see there were quite a few!  There were enough to make the trips around the looping trail interesting.  So, I took photos.

And then, Dear Reader, I devised this little quiz for you.  Below are listed four captions. They are all actual words spoken.  Should you wish to play, please match them to the four photos (or sets of photos) that I post tomorrow.

1. "C'mon Stella!"

2. "Jonathan, put on your ears!"

3. "They're Kevin and Ruth.  If you quack, they will look at you!"

4. "Giddyup!"

It is not a difficult quiz, Viewer Dear.  Not in the least.  You are, in fact, likely to utter a small snort and comment on the ease with which  you can accomplish a total of four correct answers.  Would that all of life's quizzes could be figured out with such ease!


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