Wednesday, February 3, 2016

After the presents and

the playing and all the birthday celebrating, the Tiny Actor's party was winding down.  The Small Actor and his parents bundled into their coats and left the house.  As the only remaining guests, The Yard Man and I were about to get into our coats as well, when all three who had just left burst back through the door.  

"My car has disappeared!" exclaimed Only-Son's-Wife.
"It's simply not there where I parked it!"

 Dear Reader, you may rightly assume there was a flurry of interjections and inquiries!  As the case developed, we heard that Only Son and his wife had each driven a car to the party.  They had parked, side-by-side, behind a tall hedge that runs along the back of The Tiny Actor's home.  There is a very large parking lot there, a vast area of it never used for parking any vehicles.   

The parking lot is owned by an ogre.*
*It's the key, Reader Dear, to your figuring out this mystery on your own!  In spite of the fact that for years the caretakers of The Tiny Actor and Little Actor have been using the parking area directly behind the hedge (and their back yard) with no ill consequences, it wasn't until just a few days ago a "Private Property. NO PARKING" sign was erected.**

**While we all frolicked at the party, the car was towed away!
"What about YOUR car?" The Yard Man questioned Only Son.  "You'd better get right out there and move it!  They'll be coming back for yours!"***
***Though the birthday boy had to go to bed, the party was extended for another half hour while Only Son and Only-Son's Wife visited the impound lot (with a hefty hunk of change to retrieve her car. "Yes," the two of them were told by the tow-truck guy, "We were just ready to head back for the car you're driving!"****
Reader Dear, what do you say?

****Bucket half empty? Whoa, what rotten luck!  Too bad they didn't leave the party before the tow-truck guy got there!
****Bucket half full?  Hallelujah.  Thank goodness Only Son and his wife didn't show up and find the parking spaces completely empty!

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