Saturday, December 27, 2014


Christmas meal tonight was going to feature what it has always featured, down through the ages--chicken corn pies!  And this year, helping to eat the pies would be an elderly aunt of The Yard Man, one whom he was able to bring from her nursing home in a wheelchair-equipped minivan.  It was relatively easy to collect Aunt Ann from the home.  Although she cannot take even one step alone, she was ready to roll when The Yard Man arrived, and he was able to get the wheelchair into the van by himself.  He then stopped by the home of his salad maker and picked her up, and the bowls of lettuce salad she had so recently concocted.

They set off down the road toward The Yard Man's sister's house, and Aunt Ann marveled at being out in the broader world.  "This is such a treat!" she exclaimed more than once.

It had been so simple.  "We'll have to take Ann out more often!" said the salad maker, and The Yard Man agreed.

Ah, but then--a small surprise!  "We're having this meal in the basement!"
Not to worry, Reader Dear!
This extended family can extend themselves in many wonderful  ways!* 

*Besides the muscles, I'm thinking of the
making of the chicken corn pies! 
Always delicious and delectable!


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