Monday, December 15, 2014


sugar at the holiday event that my Yard Man and I attended last week.  We were generously invited to a show by the staff of an office that The Yard Man used to frequent.  Included in the evening were pre-show  hors d'oeuvres. These were termed "heavy" hors d'oeuvres, Reader Dear.  That simply means it was supper, but one had to eat it on a tiny paper plate. (Not that one cared, because the spread was fine--crab cakes, chicken pieces, meatballs...and a grand finale!)

When I got to the dessert tables, the woman ahead of me requested a sampler plate.  She couldn't make up her mind, she said,  between three kinds of cheesecake and bourbon pecan pie and peanut-butter something-or-other.

"What a sweet idea!" I exclaimed.

Sugar sweet!

I enjoyed the show that followed.
The singers sang beautifully, the dancers danced impressively, and I plummeted with aplomb!*

(*When I came down from my sugar high,
I swore off high fructose corn syrup and honey and sucrose and agave nectar and tapioca syrup and maple syrup and cane sugar and brown rice syrup and pear juice concentrate and beet sugar...[yes, all of that ilk] for the foreseeable future**!)


(**how far can you see into the future, Reader Dear?)

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