Sunday, December 14, 2014


galloping along like two draft horses at a tree farm!

Every Saturday in December, the horsey Horse Man (aka Yard Man) has been giving rides at a small, nearby Christmas tree farm.  The first Saturday he did this, the Thanksgiving snow was still on the ground (actually, November was still everywhere), and the weather was bitterly cold.  I rode in the wagon for a bit just so I could take pictures; it was so picturesque!

The following Saturday, The Horse Man was out of town. Someone else was using his mares and giving the rides in his place. It poured a cold rain most of the day.  Viewer Dear, in its own way, the rain on the tree farm may have been a lovely sight, but you can be certain I've got no photos to help ascertain it!

Yesterday, then, it was time for me to ride the wagon again, this time climbing off to inspect every tree on that farm, and carrying away the most perfect of all!  Let me tell you, Reader Dear, it was a time-consuming endeavor!
The Horse Man sought to help me out with a simple drive-by inspection.  (Ha! Choosing this tree on the run?  Not a chance)  I had a marvelous time tromping over that field-full of tannenbaums, trying to mark each tree that seemed to be in the running for First Choice.
To keep track of the favored trees, I used both my red mittens, and then pieces of dead corn stalks I found on the ground.  By the time I had six or eight trees in my collection, I discovered the hair-pulling aspects of comparison shopping! This "small" tree farm was enormous!  And where on earth were my mittens?!

"Just choose a tree!" I preached to myself.  "And stop looking!"
Somewhat surprisingly,  I heeded my own good advice.

The Horse Man toted the tree home on the horse-drawn wagon. He dropped it off on the front porch, then he put his horses in the barn.

The Yard Man trimmed the trunk of the tree, fastened it into the holder, and carried it into the living room....  

...where it will sit until I can deck it out in its holiday finery.  Reader Dear, I suppose I'd better make like an elf and get busy!  December is still galloping along like two draft horses with their Christmas bells a'jinglin'!


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