Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Reader Dear!

I had another full day of  rushing to gather the last-minute Christmas necessities (Well, mostly food.  Only two gifts.  And, back to the store for yeast, because the third trip to the grocery was specifically for yeast, but the yeast was hard to locate, and one can get distracted...)

There was food preparation. Oh, and there was that frustrating hour finding a locksmith for those tenants who broke their key in the lock, and hated to call on Christmas Eve (but they really did need to lock their door on Christmas Eve, you know)!

And then there was the quick supper for the Dark-haired daughter and David and the Yard Man and me, so we could hasten off to the Christmas Eve service at church.

Ah, and what a pleasure to relax and take a deep breath and sing, "All is calm, all is bright"! 

The "unrehearsed pageant" was refreshing, as well!  (Reader Dear, you should have seen how those kids slung the holy infant around, and he made not a sound--that Baby Jesus was such a doll!)
After the candle-lighting, there were even refreshments to enjoy (cookies I had no part in baking!)! 

Yes, Reader Dear, my evening became calm and bright!
I'm wishing you the same!

(Unless, of course, you prefer dark and rowdy, in which case I fervently wish you a Dark and Rowdy Eve!)

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