Friday, January 31, 2014


into the sky and saw this great show that was about to begin, I could just feel the urge to blog come flying back in for a landing!  It was late afternoon and bitterly cold when I stopped the car in the middle of the road (sorry, there was no shoulder) to enjoy a  performance of one-hundred and fifty-six geese (give or take a few). 

I had to put the passenger-side window down, and maneuver myself into the passenger seat in order to film the show.  I shivered, I think from excitement (It could have been the cold).  The geese were a noisy bunch, everyone talking over everyone else!  As they landed, they seemed to be  discussing exactly where to look for the best smorgasbord of corn kernels, "I think we should head out in this direction!" squawked the lead male, heading off to my right.

It wasn't long, however, before I heard a small group of females yelling to each other that he didn't know what the heck he was doing.  Didn't he know, the best place to search for food was back in the other direction?!
A little bit of confusion ensued, and all the males were clearly miffed.  But pretty soon the crowd had reversed its route, the ornery clump of females leading the way. 
I could tell there was some competition going on, everyone hoping to be first to discover a superior feeding area.

But no one stopped for very long to eat contentedly.  The manure that was recently spread on this field was likely low on corn. "What does this farmer feed to his cows, anyway?!" Many of the geese were grumbling.  They just kept moving along,  searching the ground but not finding much.  Then I heard one of them suggest that the farmer must have served his cows quinoa.  There was a lot of laughter.  But the lead male (who was no longer in the lead) snapped, "Shut up!"

And from there it was all downhill. 

No one was happy.
I wondered if the show was almost over.
I was shivering now and it was definitely from the cold.
I sensed that the small group of Lucy-Gooseys had had enough.  "Why on earth he brought us here, I don't know," one of them shouted to the others, and just like that, they rose into the air, leaving.
Right after, there was a grand and majestic mass exodus!
My twenty-minute show was over!
I put the window up and drove home.
Ready to blog.

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