Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The blogging seemed to have died a natural death.
Reader Dear, the days drifted by and it seemed there was simply nothing to blog about.
The sad fact was, however--it was my mind in a deep freeze!
I had been determined to tell you about the days of snow and cold.  Tried to make up a blog post concerning the endlessness of it all.
I'd amassed great piles of snow photos.
(What with the fifteen snowfalls we've had in the past ten days [perhaps a slight exaggeration], my opportunities were extensive!)

I took a video of The Yard Man clearing the sidewalk, no less, with the big toy that the neighbor man loans to him. (At the first sign of the white fluffy stuff, The Yard Man gets a gleam in his eye.  He can't believe his good fortune to get to play with this toy again!)

But the snow post just didn't happen.
While I was in this frozen, blotty state, I also took a photo of my new black fridge. Prior to its arrival, I'd hung my black raincoat over its beige-colored predecessor, just to get some idea, you know, of whether I could tolerate such a drastic change*. But a little nail-chewing was still in order, considering I'd never ever owned a great black fridge before.
"You've got yourself a lot of fly-swatters up here!" said the tall deliveryman, as he pulled the old beige fridge from its dwelling place, and saw its top.
Yes.  Yes, Viewer Dear (gulp), indeed I did!                                                                                 

(*Turns out I'm chortling about the change)
I even recorded the dancing of my solar-powered Santa, whom I couldn't bear to ban to the attic in the great white and cold aftermath of Christmas.  

But I didn't blog about it, and nothing advanced even as far as a posting title.
Not the fascinating vapor trail that I followed across the sky as I drove into the sunset one evening.

Not the red hydrants that were... newly installed?  ...newly painted?
Viewer Dear, they were definitely newly noticed by me, along a major road that I definitely travel more times in a week than I definitely care to say.
Not the story of a trip for my Small Actor.
Alas, Dear Viewer, not even my stint as  Super Woman made it to the blog,
irregardless and regardless of the super woman-blogger I wished and wish to be!

Nope.  It was over, I thought.
I was certain that the train had left the station for good this time!

 (to be continued, Dear Reader...)

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