Wednesday, January 8, 2014


the Fifteenth Day of Christmas by completely denuding the Christmas tree, sweeping up a month's worth of needles, and enjoying the Pennsylvania Farm Show with two of my diminutive actors!

From the time The Yard Man and I picked up the Little Actor at his house until we carried him,   semi-asleep and clutching the bag of maple sugar cotton candy, back into his home again, we had some real oodles-of-fascinating-animals-stinky-smells-climbing-on-every-kind-of-farm-equipment-mobs-of-people-greasy-fatty-yummy-food-eating-off-the-dirty-concrete-floor-fake-cow-milking-video-filming-merry-go-rounding fun!

 (The Small Actor made the trip to the show with his parents and joined us there.)

But, wait, did I say video-filming, Reader Dear?!
Oh, yes, indeed I did.  Lots and lots!  My short actors performed scene after scene, the whole world of the Farm Show being their stage*! The animals acted so admirably, as well! However, alas, I am clucking my displeasure, Dear Viewer; my computer is braying, stamping its hooves, and not allowing me access!  It appears we will have to come back to the Farm Show another day.  Creature action is desperately needed.

*(Er, well, film studio.)

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