Wednesday, January 15, 2014


at the Farm Show again!

Didn't I promise, Viewer Dear?  Of course, in order to make this post come alive,  I knew I had to bite the bullet and head once again to the Best Buy store (the place where I bought this cranky laptop). I dawdled, delayed and dilly-dallied, but finally got myself to the store and presented my case to a member of the Geek Squad.
"I was at the Farm Show with my two little grandsons and I took loads of videos.  I've searched everywhere and I just can't fine them...."
He pondered my missing videos, and looked for them in every corner.  He scratched his head.
Then he hemmed and hawed.
Then he took my camera's media card and disappeared to the back room.
He stayed there for a long time.
I worried.
But then he emerged...
...and, hallelujah!  He brought along the cud-chewing cow...

...and the two little guys milking one.
"It's not a real cow," the Little Actor explained to me.

There was also the startled chicken...

and the hungry one
(very hungry)!

  Not to mention little chickens just getting started in life.

And here's the gander at whom we took a gander. ( He made such a strange noise.)

Then, too, you get to see this strange breed--Homo Sapiens, I believe they are called--crowding the food court (Wouldn't you know, Viewer Dear--I hear eating is a favorite activity of theirs! And there are freshly-made potato doughnuts here, milkshakes to die for, batter-dipped veggies, hot apple dumplings and maple-sugar cotton candy...among a vast assortment of other things these creatures eat and about which they chortle!)

Here's a video of farm equipment in motion.

And two farm show attendees in motion atop farm equipment.

Finally, Dear Viewer, there is this view of an ovine haircut in process.  Sorry to say, this video was clipped short!*
*My camera battery died.
Which meant (arrgh, no photos of the merry time on the merry-go-round):

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