Tuesday, January 14, 2014


since I last posted on a regular basis (You know, Reader Dear, how it used to be that every day or so I'd find some tidbit or other to conflate into an event), I have taken countless photos of the weather.  One reason for this is because so often during the past few weeks, the weather and its peculiarities were the big news of the day!  The headlines were blaring broken records for cold; and the snow and the rain and the ice just kept coming!*

 Honestly, though, I took the photos mostly because I couldn't stop myself. When I glanced out the window and was surprised to see the air polka-dotted with snowflakes, I had to record it.

 Down along the creek on a Sunday morning, every little whisp of nature wore ice.  I held up the two cars behind me as I grabbed my camera for a picture.
 And it's almost embarrassing,
Viewer Dear, how often I snap photos of the sky!

Then, too, there was an evening when nature was helping me out as a back-up fridge.  I set a full pot of soup on the porch to cool.  The next morning when I thought to bring it in, it was frozen solid.

It was a cooking first.

I also had to make a record of the trip The Yard Man and I took to the movies one evening when I was going stir-crazy, and he was crazy enough (eager) to drive us over unplowed roads to the theater.  I was happy enough (grateful) to ride along!


I'll have to admit, over the holidays I took lots of photos of food, too.   Oh, boy, the food!

At the extended, but not-too-extended, family Christmas celebration with the Yard Man's clan:
(Five.  Count them--five pitchers of gravy to go with the chicken-corn pies!)

At the New Year's Eve party, where we like to carry on our traditions:
The food is always delectable!
The friends are always dear!
The game is always dominoes!
(And, [how on earth does this happen?!]  the women always win! 

 (Some of us are getting very old.  Time is speeding up.)

At the even-more-extended family reunion on New Year's Day, where the tables are even-more-extended!

There's a puzzle freak here, at this more-extended clan group; I have to take a photo of the jigsaw puzzles that I helped her lug in from her car.  This shows only a fraction! It's puzzling, the number of puzzles she carries around!

Some might say it's puzzling, the number of photos I carry around.
But you understand (or please say that you do), Dear Viewer of mine; I can't blog without them!
*This is still going on.
I'm losing my fascination with it, Reader Dear.

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