Sunday, March 31, 2013


EASTER SUNDAY MORNING was not a good time to have a problem with the time (er, to have an alarm clock fail to fulfill its appointed task!)
But by monumental effort, a fast shower and a heavy foot, I was able to fulfill my appointed task at church this morning, where I was scheduled to arrive early and help prepare the Easter morning breakfast that was served. 

Directly following the Easter service, I hied myself back home to toss a salad to serve to The Yard Man and approximately twenty-nine of his kith and kin.

And following that, Reader Dear, I got to relax (oh, lift my glad voice!) and partake of the traditional and traditionally-fabulous Ham-and-Lamb meal prepared by the Three Chefs, all of them very closely connected through the Ties that Bind.

The thirty of us folks that filled that makeshift dining room were fortunate for...
the lovely garage setting!
the vibrant colors that offset the dreariness of the weather!
the conviviality and conversations around the tables!
the chocolate candy!
the chocolate truffle cheesecake!
the rich chocolate torte!
the chocolate...
uh, yes, all of it!

We even had two tiny tots to provide a vicarious Thrill of the Hunt!

That extended family, we lingered for a very extended time around those very extended tables.
Reader Dear,  Easter afternoon was a wonderful time to have no problem with the time!
Happy Easter!


sk said...

I want to know about the chocolate truffle cheesecake.

KTdid said...

Well, my dear sk, it was carried in by one of the thirty; had the (familiar) "Pellman's" name on the box!

sk said...