Wednesday, March 13, 2013



Second Daughter was due to arrive at PHL (uh, the airport, Reader Dear) at 10:55a.m, but she must have had tailwinds, or a fast-winged  pilot.*  The man and I  picked her up at the door at 10:45a.m.

 and went in to the center of the city  for a bite to eat**,

and a few quick,
eclectic pics--
of an old building juxtaposed with a newer one,
and a spectacles-and-hat-wearing barber juxtaposed with a red hairdryer (not to mention a smiling client!
 [Reflected images superimposed were an added bonus  (Spy that white car, Viewer Dear? [Or do you see three?])!])

It was still a bright sunny midday in Philadelphia at 12:53p.m., when we abandoned our parking spot and  headed for home.

*Staying for a one-week visit.
**Speaking only for myself,
it was Gnocchi with Red Sauce.

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