Tuesday, March 26, 2013


(I know, it's been a while since my previous hodge-podgy posting.  But here you have it--several non-connected blurgs [blog blurbs*)

OUT-OF-TOWN CELEBRITY CELEBRATES his second birthday somewhat belatedly!

Even in his pajamas (or perhaps especially so), Viewer Dear, this famous little guy is one of the most entertaining visitors one could wish to host!  He sings!  He plays!  He tunes his new guitar!


Yesterday, Ms. Chicken-Who-Walks-About and her friend who often tags along were having a rough time with the weather.

Already being the birdbrains that they are, of course, it stands to reason they'd be particularly perplexed by the snowy spring day!

TWO COUSINS! A movie starring two of my tiny actors.
Tomorrow I will rush into your local theater, er, laptop,  its sequel:
(Oh, the possibilities, Viewer Dear, now that I've got this extended
line-up of actors at my disposal!)


This photo of the fantastic nighttime orb in the sky streaked so quickly to the blogged page  that it could qualify as a bonafide Current Event.

What I truly wish I could show you is the full Mr. Moon.  But this guy will not reach his limit of obesity for another five and a half hours, Viewer Dear (and, alas, I can't sit up so late, twiddling my thumbs and watching him grow, not even for you [though I surely regret to inform you]).


*My newly-coined word,
Reader Dear.  (Unless, of course,
someone else has beat me to the
punch and the word has already got
an official meaning.  In which case...
well, in which case I shall.....


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