Sunday, January 6, 2013


I know that statement could be taken with a raised eyebrow,
Reader Dear, since I just finished rhapsodizing about a TV show.  But it's true  (That concert I watched a few days ago is held only once a year, after all.)
And if I hadn't gotten so much nudging from others--one daughter, one sister, three sisters-in-law, two very good friends, one stranger at the bank-- I might not have chalked up the two hours of watching tonight.  If the media hadn't waxed so eloquent over this new season; if I hadn't been invited to watch it on a wide-screen TV with five other women; if the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD FOR GOODNESS SAKE weren't watching it, I may have missed Downton Abbey!*

*OMG, what's going to happen to the place?!
What will the new husband do with his new windfall?!
Will that chap get out of jail?!
Will Edith get married?!**
** Er, it used to be that I seldom watched TV, Reader Dear.


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