Saturday, January 19, 2013


WE GOT INVITED TO supper and a concert, The Yard Man and I did.  Alas, no photos of the pizzas--the red one and the white one, the salad with pomegranate seeds, the coffee-flavored flan with whipped cream...(um, yum, the pleasant memory!) The friends who issued this invitation had other friends of theirs around their table, as well,  and so the evening was a feast of more than just food! The Yard Man and I gained five instant one-degree-of-separation friends.* As if that weren't enough, after the eating and drinking and conversing, the nine of us pushed our chairs back from the table, got into our coats, and were off to the theater.  It's where we had a fine time laughing and listening to the tunes of John Gorka!

When I say we laughed, Reader Dear, it was mostly at his between-song musings, which I anticipated as much as the music itself.  He's a funny guy!  And he played and sang such a wonderfully eclectic mix--everything from The Wayfaring Stranger to Prom Night in Pigtown (his original [as are a great majority of his songs] in which the pigs danced cheek to cheek).


If you get the chance, Dear Reader, you really must see John Gorka.** 
If you like folk music, his songs are bound to tickle your ears. And I know you'll laugh!

*The enemy of my enemy is my friend, they say.
But take my advice, Reader Dear--it's less stressful, more relaxing--make friends via friends!

**I'm sure he taught that landlord a lesson!
 (Too many of my tenants are trying to teach me)

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