Saturday, January 26, 2013

I AM JUST HAPPY, Viewer Dear, that the moon shadows are visible in the photograph.  Never mind they are blurry and necessitate an explanation. They are proof that the snow was like trillions of crystals (look closely, see the bits of sparkle?!), the moon nearly full!  It was breathtaking to climb out of the truck* and see the lacy pattern the tree limbs cast on the white ground cover!

*We had to take the vehicle best suited for the weather.  Silver Linings Playbook was the movie I had mentioned to The Yard Man, about mid-afternoon.  I wanted to see this film that won the Golden Globe award for Best Picture.  It seemed doubtful, however, we'd get last-minute tickets, seeing as how the movie'd gotten that wonderful acclaim.  And here it was, a weekend evening, and the picture so recently opened at the theater.  "We'll have to get there really early!" I said to the man, knowing how seldom we're ever able to actually do such a thing.

And then it snowed!
We had such a wide array of open seating from which to choose.
This rare and lovely display on the snow was my second silver lining!


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