Thursday, September 27, 2012


OLD OLIO.  Yes, Dear Reader, here's a whole heaping pile of hodge-podge that I'm tossing onto the train:
A few weeks ago (ahem...did I mention things might be getting stale?) I was invited to a three-course vegan meal that was being served at a retirement facility near where I live.
My yard man was out of town on this particular weekday evening,  and I went by myself through the positively beautiful late summer afternoon to see how I'd like this repast, and--wow--the combination of the sunshine; climbing into the car when I would ordinarily be climbing into an apron; the company of the three friends who'd issued the invitation; and the buffet meal of altogether delectable and downright healthful goodness! It gave me a five-star, very full feeling!

(Gave me lots of photo ops, too, Viewer Dear!)
And then there was the top-rate feeling I got when the yard man and I had the high privilege of taking the Little Actor out for a night on the town:                                                                               

There were, of course, just gobs of moments begging for photos there at the mall, too!

 Okay, and then, here too, Reader Dear, is a tale I must tell (It's one of those firsts of which I'm so fond!)  Last week I drove out to a nearby salon where I regularly get my hair cut.  Due to the fact that the old car I ordinarily drive is at the shop for strange noises,* I'm driving a second old car; it's got multiple dents and dings.  
As I'm climbing out of the car, a man suddenly materializes and tells me animatedly.  "I can fix your car! I've been doing this kind of work my whole life.  I can fix all this!" He points to the damages. 
"Oh, it's an old car," I explain.  "It's got so many miles on it..." 
"But," he persists, "I can fix it cheap!"  And he names his price. 
Hmm (a very reasonable price for mending these dents!)  
"I'll go get my tools!  I'll just go get my wife, and my tools!" he says.  "You don't have to pay a thing 'til you see my work!" 
"But...."  I'm confused.  "What do you mean?  Do you mean you will fix it NOW?! Right HERE? I am getting a haircut," I tell him.
"No problem!" he assures me.  "I will just get my tools and I'll fix it now.  You can go get your haircut!" 
Before I know it, his wife is there, and his box of tools.  "Go get your haircut!" the man tells me.  "I will be here when you are finished."   
"Don't let them cut off too much," his wife tells me.  "It looks really good the way it is!" 

 ...(I'm off to see the hairdresser, Reader Dear...back soon)......


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