Monday, September 10, 2012


YESTERDAY ONE MORE YOUNG MAN and one more young woman walked down the path to "I do." It was the nephew of my yard man who was pledging to forever cherish his bride (and she likewise him). It was a very large event in the life of my yard man's extended family (his siblings and their spouses, their children [including those who have already walked down this well-worn path], their grandchildren). Several of the family members traveled from as far away as the west coast [of the USA, yes]).

No one wants to be left out of "togetherness" time. And "togetherness" time, well, we had:
Friday evening picnic-style meal
Saturday evening gathering of cousins
Sunday morning brunch
Sunday reception (the main thing)
Sunday late-night gathering
Monday morning brunch
Monday evening meal...

(to be continued, Dear Reader, when
all of this "togetherness" time has
finally trickled back to the
nitty-gritty-of-real-life again
[the bride and groom have left on
their wedding trip to's
anybody's guess when their lives
will have reached this status!])

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Shirley said...

What a family! What fun!