Saturday, February 25, 2012


I FIGURED IT WAS A good afternoon to learn about figs.

And the Backyard Fruit Growers were offering a workshop on fig-growing this very afternoon, how lucky for me!

It was held at the Landis Valley Farm Museum, which is where I took myself.

This workshop on fig-growing followed one on fruit-tree-pruning, and when I arrived, I saw the participants of that workshop were still outside, huddled around two fruit trees, whipped by almost gale-force winds.

A figment of my imagination told me that, as oppossed to being out there learning about the arduous process of trimming twigs from trees, I'd be happier sitting in a warm room savoring photos and facts about figs.

And, sure enough, I was delighted...

by the fig-fanatic Leader, my fellow fig-fanatic-Leader followers, and the figgy photo that fell on the sleeve of
a fellow f.f.L.f.!
Not to mention the fig tree cuttings that were
passed out to all who fell for
the idea of growing their
own figs.

(One of whom, oh, naturally, was me.)
When I say I give a fig about growing figs, it's only figurative, Reader Dear, as I actually have no figs to give.

[I only hope some day that changes!])


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