Wednesday, February 8, 2012

EARLY AFTERNOON TODAY it started snowing. I'd been waiting for it, seeing as how the weather wizards had forecast just such action, and the sky'd looked more than ready all morning to bestow snow.


As soon as I saw the white flakes flying, I rushed outside. The frosty downfall was making the most lovely whispering sound, Listener Dear! I wished I could capture it for you, but other noises prevailed.

A few hours later, then, everything looked like a calendar page torn from the winter section.


Now that I'm showing you these photos, Reader Dear, I'm thinking of the pictures from the previous snowfall, languishing there on my cutting-room floor. Wouldn't you know, I'm going to have to show you those, too...

Because, just see how charming the red of the recycle bin on a foggy and snowy day! When I caught sight of it, it pleased me like flowers in spring (well, very nearly). I had to turn the car around and go back for the photo.


And how could I throw away this moving scene?!
(Taken on the drive-by)

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