Sunday, July 10, 2016


...meaning, Reader Dear, that my long hiatus from posting just met with (what may possibly be) a vigorously-renewed supply of postings!
And, speaking of it is:  My total viewing of pyrotechnics in celebration of Independence Day.

Only Son and The Small Actor brought a handful of bursting material to the driveway of The Yard Man and myself in order to check out the volume and length to which it would explode.

Seeing as how The Yard Man had hopped aboard his vehicle and set out for mid-western  horse events early on in the holiday weekend, I represented a full half of the adult ohh-ers and ahh-ers of these (very) local fireworks.

Once the celebratory span of time came and went, one might have thought it was safe to say these driveway fireworks were the full extent of the displays I was going to witness.  But, lo and behold (with an emphasis on the "behold"), following yesterday evening's concert at the park...

 The Yard Man and I returned home, exited the car, and happened to witness a twenty-minute light-and-noise-in-the-sky event!

Based on the length and scope of it, The Yard Man and I believe it  was a belated Independence Day show for the public.

The country will likely go on celebrating our independence, but I'm pretty sure it will be independent from me sighting further explosions in the sky. 

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sk said...

Were y'all trying to burn down the cottage?