Thursday, July 14, 2016

Columbian Coconut

Candy! If you are doubtful, Reader Dear, that there are downsides to offering folks a place to call "home," you can be sure there are!  (Ahem, let me remind you:
 Oh, so many times that tipped the scales downward!) 
But, there are also many positives to the experience, as well!
Reader Dear, I never know what gifts I might receive as a landlord.
My newest tenant very recently managed to bring his wife from their country of origin (Yes, Columbia), and he is ecstatic! 
Viewer Dear, I'm pretty darn happy myself.  (It stands to reason, a tenant floating around on Cloud Nine is a much better tenant than a sad one!)
He gifted me today with a coconut lollipop.  Real coconut! he told me. (It was delicioso!)

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