Friday, November 23, 2012


YESTERDAY'S GRATEFULNESS GREW as the day progressed.  There were the edible blessings, of course, which we ate with relish in the early afternoon. 

And then we had Thanksgiving Day extras for which our good Pilgrim fathers and mothers never knew to sigh (Alas, if only we could Skypeth with our dear dear daughter, so far away in the north country! [I count it as a blessing that they did not know, Reader Dear, about this internet mode of family visitation.  So much better to be grateful on this day of days, than  pining for a future castle in the air (or the talking image of a loved one)!])

We had music and dancing!  (Hmm. The Pilgrims may have sneaked a bit of this into their Thanksgiving Day, but you can bet those Puritans must have been frowning and clucking their tongues [or worse!]!)

I was thankful that Thanksgiving Day weather down there in Richmond,Virginia, was everything for which one might wish  (I daresay, even the Puritans would have loved it!).

Just to sum things up, my heart was filled to the brim with thankfulness the whole entire day!
I sure hope, my Reader Dear, that yours was, too!

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