Saturday, November 10, 2012


OH, DEAR VIEWER, IN ADDITION to lemons, life might possibly hand you a wonderful group of cousins-in-law, and a silly little piggy game, and a load of  laughter!
A (strictly female) collection of first cousins and cousins-in-law traveled from assorted states to spend this whole entire weekend together.  Now, hurray for me, I am (by virtue of my yard man) a member of this exclusive group!  I could only join them for the fancy dinner at a restaurant tonight, and then for late-night snacks and laughter.  But wow for the snacks!   And golly, what marvelous laughter!*   (This group of kin had spent the day running around the county to an eclectic array of shops.  The pig toy was part of one shopper's haul.

["Where did you find this!?" other cousins wanted to know.  It's clear that numerous grandchildren are going to see a profit at Christmas time in pork belly futures]!)

*Don't think, Reader Dear, we only had that pig to laugh about.
There was  much funny family folklore, as well!

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