Sunday, October 7, 2012


AND NOW, READER DEAR, we've come to today!
We are one day past the end of my year-long hoopla!
It's the final day of the ocean stay, and the weather's turned stormy,
but that doesn't prevent me from moving on into this year's opening ceremonies with gusto!
(It helps, of course, that I'm on vacation! That my sister who lives next door has rigged up swinging birthday wishes!  There's also the fact that I get birthday greetings from sweet little VIPs!

And consider this, Reader Dear:   I get to walk on the beach with my daughter who's got the baby bump.  We walk to the Avalon Pier, where fun can be had at the drop of a quarter [or three or four].
And that's not all, of course... 
                                             ...oh, beachbirthdayblatherings, no!)*

*You'll hear more tomorrow

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Shirley said...

Lovely beach movie.