Monday, July 30, 2012


FOR DAYS THE WEATHER predictors had been tossing "chance of a shower" into the weather forecast. Some days we had one; some days we didn't. But yesterday we had a shower, and the weather forecast hadn't contained even the merest hint of it!

However, here's the thing, Reader Dear--any woman I know, had they seen the room full of card tables decorated with clusters of tiny potted herbs, and the mouth-watering spread of edibles displayed in the adjoining kitchen, and the sheets of paper with the guessing game, and the...well, even without the sight of the slightly nervous groom-to-be (nephew of my yard man) wandering through the sea of women, any one of these females could have easily told you there was going to be a bridal shower!


......  Wishing that your greatest wishes for the future stop by to say hi, dear Julie and Ty!......

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