Sunday, April 24, 2011




Dear Reader, if you've got a bowl of hard-boiled, crumbled egg yolks and quite a few hard-boiled egg white halves resting in your refrigerator on Easter Sunday morning, it's fabulously easy to re-unite them in this angelic way:

Add one big dollop of mayo, one small dollop of mustard, and enough pickle juice to give the crumbled yolk mixture a great scooping consistency and a devilishly good taste.

Find a tiny spoon of some sort and scoop away!
(Note of caution, Dear Reader: Try not to get carried away with the presentation--there are endless possibilities; the more time one takes to dress them, the hungrier one gets, the more irresistible they become, the fewer actually make it all the way to the Easter dinner table!)

*Stop by tomorrow,
Dear Reader!

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