Saturday, April 9, 2011


IF YOU WILL RECALL, DEAR READER, when last I was babbling away about current bumblings, a fuming tenant of mine was shaking her finger at me. I put down my car window and said sweetly, "I just thought maybe you forgot to give me the rent money before you left!"

With that, she whirled around, stomped back to the U-haul. She and her boyfriend climbed aboard, and the three of us continued on our way. A few minutes later we all arrived. At a storage facility! Hmm...this was not the scenario I had built in my head--the one in which we'd be pulling up to another apartment of some sort, preferably one with an outside entrance, a nice-sized door number prominently displayed.

I hung around though, for a little while, before driving away--foiled!

The downstairs tenant kept me posted, so I knew that my less-than-ideal tenant returned to her upstairs apartment for more gathering of possessions. But thanks to me and my rather less-than-surreptitious tracking procedure, when she ultimately left, it was in the dead of night!

And then, on yesterday's rainy morning, when I surmised this tenant had delivered her final provocation, I really hadn't studied things from every angle.
For instance, there was the angle of a disgruntled tenant to be considered; then, too, the angle at which screen in a sliding door will fall away after it's been slit with a knife! I think, Reader Dear, I shall throw out my detective's badge.

(Judging by the mounds of stuff in this vacated apartment, there's quite a bit more I'll be tossing, as well!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, you have! Whew! Lovely! You've started your book!