Sunday, April 10, 2011


HERE THEY ARE--TWO LITTLE TOTS whom I spotted yesterday.
I will tell you every single thing I know for certain about them.
They spent time in the very same thrift shop in which I
was browsing yesterday afternoon. (I dropped off some donated items;
then I told myself--that's only half the equation--one must shop at
these charitable organizations as well, in order for them to survive. I was doing my duty.)

These little boys left the store just ahead of me.
When their father (oops, there's no guarantee, but for sure the adults accompanying them looked to be their parents) gave permission, I snapped this photo.

"Can you smile for her?" the adult male inquired of them.

And they did.

Oh, and yes, one more thing I know for certain--
these two little Spidermen made a downright adorable duo!


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